Full service concrete company with a solid reputation.

Concrete Contractors, Inc. (CCI) of Brookings, South Dakota is a full-service concrete company capable of providing a variety of concrete-related services. Whether it’s constructing a biodiesel facility across the country, crushing and recycling asphalt on the highway or pouring a residential foundation in a nearby town, our dedicated team of professionals happily handles anything that comes our way.

CCI’s broad scope of services includes three separate divisions within the company. Our National Contractors Division is focused on the concrete construction of large commercial and agricultural facilities nationwide. Residential Installations provides concrete services to homeowners and builders in the Brookings area. Our local Crushing and Recycling service can reduce any hard surface material, such as asphalt, concrete, rock and gravel, into smaller crushed aggregate to be recycled for other uses.
Each division under CCI provides our clients with the highest levels of customer service, craftsmanship and value. We have our own team of 8-10 concrete experts on staff as well as valued partners across the country to help us with large-scale concrete installations. Every client is assigned to a CCI project manager whose only job is to keep ‘em happy. We work hard to make sure every concrete job we touch—large or small, near or far—is completed on time and on budget.
If you’re still wondering whether we’re the right company for your concrete project, we have plenty of references you can call. We can even take you to see our work firsthand, or you can browse our project galleries. We think you’ll see that we’re very serious about doing quality work. No wonder we make the hard stuff look so easy.

Brent Anderson
"We do some of our best work on airplanes. It's amazing the people we meet and the connections we make just by talking to people on a plane. The world really isn't that big anymore. Thanks to technology, working across the country is nearly as easy as working across the street."

Brent Anderson,

CCI Partner
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